All of the things has some differences and it includes the work of the people. SO, let’s talk about what are the differences of UX designer and UI designer?  The UX designer designs for all the interactions that can make the users entertained and enjoyed on what they are using, while the UI design is only for visual and you can not do anything even if it is interactions. You just have to watch every visual that it has and it can make the people bored because they are really not enjoying by just watching.


They are also using Wireframes and prototype that can make the program very interesting and enjoyable for all the audience. It is a very clever way to make a design of your own, And the UI design has contains only simple colors that doesnt have enough liveliness on it. UX design has also information architect that really help boost and enhance the program of what they are designing while the UI design has only graphic designer. Improving with more designs and accessories in your wedding gown makes you look more glamorous.  Jasmine wedding gowns makes every effort to keep you happy with your gown according to what you like. They give the best service for you and work for a good quality of gown’s design.


UX is also a user research and it is a best quality that you should also consider and the UI design has its layouts and the UX design has different scenarios that you can see that makes the viewer or users very entertained while the UI has Typography that has it’s own style. It is very simple but you can just pick and choose what is the best for your own good.

Thanks to our business partner Janice K. Young that shared this information to us!