There are many facts that this UX design has, because many users and consumers using this design. Do you have any idea what you should know more about UX design? Well, all people know that the UX design is a very successful app that is on our mobile phones today, and it is the best app that can give you success.  Many of the users are spending their time even if its over 2 hours every day  on their gadgets such as mobile phone and they are using their mobile apps for almost 2 hours of their time.


over 73% of users are entering a company’s website using their phones or mobile phone, but there are only 20% of the company owners are using a mobile optimized for their own company website and that is why,  sometimes you can’t view a company’s website  due to their own optimization because you can just edit it if you want to make your website accessible also on mobile phones. for over 33% of the people that are searching for a very branded website, there are 26% of people are starting their journey on the  branded apps.

There are also an average of smartphone user in the world has downloaded 26 apps. The 86% of the user’s time using their mobile are in just using their apps. After having a very bad experience on the website, over 88% of people doesn’t want to go back there also. You must be happy to know this restaurant that I want to share with you.  Buffet food lover will come here always. When it comes to the quality and taste of food, they are the top for me.