There are 3 process of designing a UX design and we all know that the UX design is a process of understanding the needs of some business addressing the needs of all the customers of the specific businesses and it is being built by the information of the architectural designs and the interactions. First they are doing the UX research and they will do the stake holders insight to the business. they will give a meaning to a measurable business wishlist and objectives of the features.


After the research for the stakeholders they will do the consumer research to simply identify the needs of all the consumers and their behaviors. And the last research is the personal development they will document all the segments with all the needs and their behavior as a person.  Then will will do the planning of the mental design of their project, and will do the aggregration key as every persona task and will support the requirement’s contents.

After that, they will do the information architecture to organize the site’s content hierarchy to be able to facilitate the key user’s tasks and they will try to achieve the tasks of the business. After all that steps they will do the interaction design and define the screen level, the information of the business and they will do the branding for the businesses. That’s the simple steps suggested by the company that you should remember about design processing. Optimize your site by doing some methods through online marketing. The  SEO will help you boost more audiences in your pages. This is one of the best tool in the digital world.