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7 Ways to Look at UX Design Psychologically

UX design involves a lot of processes. There are many ways to go about it, and there is no clear cut direction in which you should take. As long as you ask the right questions, you should be on the right track.

Relative to technical jobs, you can get a job as UX designer more easily.

Here are 7 ways you can look at UX design from a psychologist’s point of view.

1. People have limitations

Make the information easy to scan and straight to the point. Use short blocks of info or text.

Visibility is key here. You need to know where to place the buttons and how to highlight the buttons in order to make it easy for the user to navigate the whole interface.


2. People make mistakes

Make the error easy to “undo”. The best error message is no message at all. Make sure that any mistakes made can still be undone, or else your user will not want to use your application or product due to fear of making a permanent and irreparable mistake.

3. Human memory is complicated.

Don’t make people remember one things from one task to another. People can only remember about 3-4 items at a time. Don’t make it hard for your user. Make sure there is an easy go-to guide, or else your user will be left confused.

4. People are social

People will always try to use technology to be social. Synchronous behavior bonds them together.


5. Attention

People pay attention to anything that is different or novel. Bright colors, large fonts, beeps, and tones capture attention. You can also apply this technique to your part of marketing strategy, thought as design infograph, chart, colorful photo and do some boosting later on with your work with websites on increasing search engine visibility. The way for a woman to be happy is shopping for a new style of clothing. Most specially dre sses that is new in their eyes. As clothes are considered as one of the happiness of a girl.

8 Components of the Brain Behind UX

UX involves many brain processes. Here are 8 components that are part of it.

1. Movement

Voluntary action is started here. When the user has decided on an action, the primary motor cortex initiates the movement with the right part of the body.

2. Complex movement

When complex coordination of the body is necessary, the pre-motor cortex controls how that happens. Things like using the hands and fingers to control interfaces come from this region.

3. Thought and reason

What we call “thinking” happens here. When a user is trying to solve a problem, piece together complex thoughts, or use predictive reason, it is powered by the pre-frontal cortex.



4. Expressive speech

When it is time to speak, this little area regulates the actual execution of speech through language. Any time an experience involves speaking, the Broca’s area is at work.

5. Sound processing

Sound is a complicated thing. When the ears receive input, the auditory cortex processes the information into impulses the rest of the brain can understand. Experiences that involve listening start here.



6. Receptive language

Understanding language is a separate region than speaking language. Anything a user hears that involves language is sent here, to the Wernicke’s area, to be interpreted.

7. The switchboard

All the input that comes into the brain has to be routed somehow, and the thalmus acts as that switchboard. The torrent of information the body receives is prioritized here, so choosing which areas of the brain you want your experience to engage is critical.

8. Raw emotion

Intense emotions are originated here, in the amygdala.

How do UX designers wants to design

UX Designers wanted to design by their heart, they are very creative and focus on what they are doing. Because if someone is good ate focusing then that someone can be creative. Designing for other people that is not creative is not so simple because you should have a very wide imagination and focus and a creative mind for you to be able to start designing. UX designer really wants to design to make the viewers satisfied and happy about their visit to a following website.


When designing something, you should always imagine how will it feels when it finish not just how it looks because you should also make the viewers experience what feeling you are feeling when you design some thing. The designer designs UX to help improve the performance so that they have a better experience in the specific product, the experience of the user can increase the production of the specific product that they are using. The designer really understands the goal  and the context of use that has potential. You should check this in your plan list.  Shin Kong helping hands is one of the best insurance company and I want to be part of this. They really help many people and according to the people they help.

users and consumers are using. The use their very long understanding to design a specific product or app so that they can give the better and the most amazing result they can give to their consumers. UX designs has so many benefits that you can get and it will make your life easier using your mobile apps. I was able to check some insurance company to apply for. But then, I saw this insurance company offering a ling term support for people, named  殘扶險推薦.  They give many opportunities for all people to have good health condition.

How to find a good UX designer

Are you looking for a very good UX designer? Well, finding a good UX designer is not that hard, because there are some of the major points that you should always remember in order for you to find a very suitable UX designer for your website. UX designers are very unquestionably serious and the asset to the victory of your product that the UX designers are creating. They are really important factor to your company if you want to have a


great success, so you should search and know how to find a very good or the best UX designer.  They should have or posses a very clear communication to the developer and all the business people so that they can achieve and perfectly do what you really want them to do because they are communicating well with the other members of the business. They should also can alter or manipulate many and different tasks at the same time and can finish the project in time with a confidence on their faces.


And lastly they should also have an innitiative that even the limited direction is so easy for them to understand and they can easily and really understand what you really want with their very creative solution to all the problems that may occur and they can easily make a better plan or solution. Suggested by the 天然酵素 company to all the readers around the world.

Many thanks to our business partner Shana A. Brotherton that shared this information to us!

What are the 3 process of UX design

There are 3 process of designing a UX design and we all know that the UX design is a process of understanding the needs of some business addressing the needs of all the customers of the specific businesses and it is being built by the information of the architectural designs and the interactions. First they are doing the UX research and they will do the stake holders insight to the business. they will give a meaning to a measurable business wishlist and objectives of the features.


After the research for the stakeholders they will do the consumer research to simply identify the needs of all the consumers and their behaviors. And the last research is the personal development they will document all the segments with all the needs and their behavior as a person.  Then will will do the planning of the mental design of their project, and will do the aggregration key as every persona task and will support the requirement’s contents.

After that, they will do the information architecture to organize the site’s content hierarchy to be able to facilitate the key user’s tasks and they will try to achieve the tasks of the business. After all that steps they will do the interaction design and define the screen level, the information of the business and they will do the branding for the businesses. That’s the simple steps suggested by the company that you should remember about design processing. Optimize your site by doing some methods through online marketing. The  SEO will help you boost more audiences in your pages. This is one of the best tool in the digital world.


5 UX design Facts

There are many facts that this UX design has, because many users and consumers using this design. Do you have any idea what you should know more about UX design? Well, all people know that the UX design is a very successful app that is on our mobile phones today, and it is the best app that can give you success.  Many of the users are spending their time even if its over 2 hours every day  on their gadgets such as mobile phone and they are using their mobile apps for almost 2 hours of their time.


over 73% of users are entering a company’s website using their phones or mobile phone, but there are only 20% of the company owners are using a mobile optimized for their own company website and that is why,  sometimes you can’t view a company’s website  due to their own optimization because you can just edit it if you want to make your website accessible also on mobile phones. for over 33% of the people that are searching for a very branded website, there are 26% of people are starting their journey on the  branded apps.

There are also an average of smartphone user in the world has downloaded 26 apps. The 86% of the user’s time using their mobile are in just using their apps. After having a very bad experience on the website, over 88% of people doesn’t want to go back there also. You must be happy to know this restaurant that I want to share with you.  Buffet food lover will come here always. When it comes to the quality and taste of food, they are the top for me.

What is the difference between UX designer and UI designer

All of the things has some differences and it includes the work of the people. SO, let’s talk about what are the differences of UX designer and UI designer?  The UX designer designs for all the interactions that can make the users entertained and enjoyed on what they are using, while the UI design is only for visual and you can not do anything even if it is interactions. You just have to watch every visual that it has and it can make the people bored because they are really not enjoying by just watching.


They are also using Wireframes and prototype that can make the program very interesting and enjoyable for all the audience. It is a very clever way to make a design of your own, And the UI design has contains only simple colors that doesnt have enough liveliness on it. UX design has also information architect that really help boost and enhance the program of what they are designing while the UI design has only graphic designer. Improving with more designs and accessories in your wedding gown makes you look more glamorous.  Jasmine wedding gowns makes every effort to keep you happy with your gown according to what you like. They give the best service for you and work for a good quality of gown’s design.


UX is also a user research and it is a best quality that you should also consider and the UI design has its layouts and the UX design has different scenarios that you can see that makes the viewer or users very entertained while the UI has Typography that has it’s own style. It is very simple but you can just pick and choose what is the best for your own good.

Thanks to our business partner Janice K. Young that shared this information to us!

What are the right jobs for the UX designers

According to the research, the UX designers are very in demand all over the world for designing and also for planning they are being needed by the companies.  Most companies are in need of UX designer to make their business achieve its goal because as they always say, the designing and planning has a very important role to every business and in our lives. Without design our life will be boring and just simple.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics tells us that there are many companies


that are needing in designers and planners and it will be increased as the year passed by. The right jobs for the UX designers are the development field just like the web developer, web programmers, web designers and webmasters. And in the state of the Glassdoor company, the UX designers has a very big salary nationwide. Simplyhired are also looking for more UX designers and it is very in demand in every country. Most of them also have design experiences in furniture as well as doing   free design.  If you want to work as an UX designer, you must have a very excelent skills and knowledge.

The Dushburst has also using UX designers and they give big salaries and they are  still looking for more to be hired because the UX designer are very useful in any way. You don’t need to worry if you still can’t find the right job for you because you don’t know how many companies are looking for a UX designers.

Thanks to our business partner Jeri R. Nelson that shared this information to us!